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Is the software good if I have only one WordPress Web site?

Not really.  The purpose of the software is to be able to manage multiple sites through one dashboard.  Updating plugins and WordPress on 4 or 5 sites becomes cumbersome when you have to login to multiple dashboards.  Or, if you have strong passwords for each site and you just want one place that has memorized those passwords and you can click one time to get into a dashboard.

How many sites can I manage through this software?

UNLIMITED!  You are able to manage as many sites as you would like.   The current packages show up to 50, but we can work with you if you have 100 or more sites.  There are different pricing levels for different amounts of sites.  Click here to view different packages.

How can I back up my site?

Currently, you have the ability to back up your site to your own Amazon S3 account.  Sign up for an account and we can help you to connect WP Alerts to that site. You can create settings for Daily, Weekly or Monthly backups.  If you are changing your site frequently or you rely heavily on your site to generate business, we highly recommend backing up your site.  This is not available for the FREE account.

Can I upgrade my sites any time?

Yes.  If you are aware of a security risk with a plugin and need to update your sites immediately, you can just click the REFRESH ALL SITES button and all sites will immediately update.

Is there a contract for this software?

This is a month to month service.  You can cancel at anytime.  If you have questions, please contact us.

How do I set up a site with WP Alerts?

The software is extremely easy to use.  Simply add your web site to the WP Alerts dashboard and a window will pop up to install the WP Alerts plugin.  The link will take you to your WordPress dashboard and you simply install and activate the plugin.  In the pop up window, there is also an activation code.  Once that code is pasted into your plugin, just go back to WP Alerts, hit Refresh Site and your site is connected.

What is the difference between software and maintenance?
WP Alerts is a fantastic software that allows you to update numerous WordPress web sites at once.  If you are an agency or company that manages multiple sites, it’s great because you don’t have to login to multiple dashboards to update plugins and software.  This software is for companies or people comfortable with WordPresss.

The Maintenance plan comes into play if updates cause a conflict and there is a problem with your WordPress as a result of updates to the software or plugins.  Stark Logic will fix these conflicts and web site issues as part of the maintenance plan.  Additional maintenance services includes making monthly text and image updates to your site.